Myah Daniels is a writer, actor, and curly hair enthusiast. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of California, Davis, as well as minors in Professional Writing and Theatre & Dance. She is currently studying acting at a professional conservatory in Los Angeles. In her spare time Myah enjoys screenwriting, belting in the shower, and trying out a variety of different hairstyles.
This is Rose The writer
I had a beautiful time working with Rose on her first book. Not only is Rose a friend, but an artist I admire. Rose and I bonded during our production of The Bluest Eye and our connection hasn’t changed since. Between geeking out over new music releases, laughing at boy drama, or dissecting plot points in plays, it is always a joy with Rose. Rose captures the strange emotional purgatory that is our twenties. Whether it be experiencing heartbreak, finding the balance between your passions and your job, and loving your family despite the circumstances, it all boils down to love and discovery. Self-love, self-discovery. I am beyond excited for the audience to go through Rose’s journey of with her. Get ready to laugh, cry, and scream “Wow, I felt that one!”
This is Myah The editor
I’ve been personal writing for most of my life. My blog is an aging tween 👏🥺 (7+ years strong). This book is for me who wanted to pay proper respects to my writing. The hard work and satisfaction of print! Enjoy my quarter century committment to 20+ new, original full-fleshed and achingly honest true-to-the-moment pieces. This book is for you, who sees something in my writing. Who is on the same journey as me seeking emotional and spiritual honesty and discovery with ourselves above all else. This book is also for you, my curious friend. I have a lot to say about dating, self, family, work, and friends. I am 25 years old and giving my dues to the collective twenty-somethings ship we are all sailing.
Rose Kim is an independent theatre artist. She runs her theatre company Art Rat while working a full-time office job to pay bills. When she is not creating shows, she is creating content to raise funds for Art Rat and opportunities for young adult, independent, radical POC & allied artists. 100% of book proceeds go to Art Rat. This means funding direct to supporting indie radical POC & allied artists and POC-Centered radical spaces.